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BMC Mumbai Recruitment Information

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)  or Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika looks after  all kind of municipality requirements in Mumbai. MCGM is a civic body. BMC is among of the most important civic corporation of India. BMC looks after the municipality requirements of other part like Mumbai Suburbs except Mumbai. BMC when judged by the annual budget ii stands out of 1 of the important & largest municipalities which exceed the budget of some of India’s smaller states. BMC was founded in the year of 1888 with the help of Bombay Municipal Corporation Act.

The list of some BMC duties are briefed below:

  • Public Hospitals and health
  • Markets, Establishments and Shops
  • Security
  • Removing Encroachments
  • Registration of deaths and births
  • Lighthouses
  • Crematoriums and Cemeteries
  • Garbage disposal and street cleanliness
  • Providing requisite supplies of emergency medicines which can serve the mass in case epidemics.
  • Maintenance of open spaces and parks
  • Sewage treatment and disposal
  • Street lighting

The bmc mumbai recruitment is done through public commission service. Interested candidate can apply after seeing the details bmc mumbai jobs which are published in newspaper or internet. This procedure has exams to clear which is followed by round of personal interview.

A no. of bodies is closely associated with bmc mumbai  from the time of their inception. This includes entities of NGO's,citizens, and many non-political groups. MCGM is one the largest municipality corporation In Asia.                            

Administration at BMC Mumbai

Municipal Commissioner

The person who is designated as Municipal Commissioner by the Government of the state under the Act called BMC Act 54 will head MCGM. The Municipal Commissioner usually plays an important role in the MCGM. He or She is highly responsible for all formation and implementation of various schemes which have been planned by government. This also includes maintenance of the  key infrastructure e.g  drainage,water supply, roads, storm water and other essential services that usually plays a vital role in day-to-day resident’s life of the Mumbai city.

Generally a team of members who heads various Department are given specific responsibility, they are namely Additional Municipal Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners who helps Municipal Commissioner to take care of his duties.

Additional Municipal Commissioner

Additional Municipal Commissioner post is of immense importance. He is always appointed by state government under the act’s section 54. He or She is basically responsible to take care of all the specfies departments assigned by Municipal Commissioner to him. There are total four posts of Additional Municipal Commissioners. They look after different responsibilities as delegated to each of them by their reportees, will look afterS both ground and office work.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner

A no. of Deputy Municipal Commissioners helps the Municipal Commissioner and Additional Municipal Commissioners in their work. They are all selected under differect section of Act 54 (BMC) by MCGM after receiving state level approval.

Assistant Commissioner

Assistant commissioner’s usually head the local wards & helps in day-to-day activities. There are total of  24 wards in the city, Mumbai each of them headed by different Assistant commissioner.

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BMC Mumbai

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