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Ways to pay BMC Mumbai Water Bill

It is not at all difficult to pay BMC Mumbai Water Bill. BMC has come up with various ways which help the individuals to pay their monthly bill with ease and convenience. One such way is to make BMC Mumbai Water Bill Payment online. There are various websites linked with BMC that provide the facility of water bill payment. Websites like Point & Pay and Pay Trust allow their members to pay their monthly bills online.

Other than that, monthly bills for BMC Mumbai Water Bill Payment are sent at every home through post. Once you get the bills, every locality has a booth for bill payment open from 8am in the morning to 5pm in the evening. One can visit these booths to make the payment. Also, these days many people earn their bread by helping people pay their bills. They charge Rs 20-50 per month and pay bills of people who are otherwise not able to go to the booths and pay their bill on their own. This service is highly used by elderly people and the working couples. Moreover, since every locality has one payment booth in vicinity, people can easily manage BMC Mumbai Water Bill Payment on their own.

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